How to Advertise Minecraft Servers Effectively 

How to Advertise Minecraft Servers and Get Players

Have you ever wanted to advertise your Minecraft server to reach a higher player base? The most effective way to advertise servers is by listing yourself on Minecraft lists, being active in forums, and creating a Facebook group.

However, there are multiple ways you can achieve this, and by just spamming your name or IP address, you will get banned. To help you market your server properly, we have crafted a small, and easy-to-learn guide.

Ways to advertise your Minecraft server and get more players

To advertise your server, some requirements will need to be met. First of all, you will need to have established proper social media profiles that professionally represent your server. Make sure you have added a logo, and have a few posts, describing your project, what type of server you run, and the version. The last important factor is having a Discord server, which can act as a hub for landing new players.

List yourself on Minecraft Server Lists

Listing yourself on Minecraft server lists is one of the most effective ways to attract new players. It is a great way to attract a large proportion of the player base to look at your server, and perhaps join it. Since server lists have over 100 categories for each server type, you can easily register yourself under one of them, and start getting votes. 

Servers with the highest number of votes have the option to climb the monthly rankings and attract more players to join. After all, the higher your server is positioned, the more traffic you are bound to receive.

Listing your Minecraft Server on Listing Websites

Another great way to earn more players is by paying for advertisements on server listings. Some websites have the option for advertisements, but the cost of advertising is relatively high. After all, you will be competing with hundreds if not thousands of other servers for appearing on a certain category, or even the homepage of a website.

Some of the most popular server lists on Minecraft are:

Advertise on Forums

Advertising your server in Minecraft forums can be a great and cheap way to attract new players. There are hundreds of forums like Planet Minecraft, which have chat features, or even special categories, where players can publish. Minecraft forums are also a hub for all kinds of enthusiasts, who search for plugins, mods, or even projects, making your server more appealing if it meets the expectations.

Advertise your Minecraft server on Planet Minecraft

A great to advertise on forums would be to create a profile with your server name and logo. Once created, make sure to fill your biography and social media profiles, so players can learn more about your server.

Forums, also allow ads bidding, and the price is fair in terms of advertising on server lists or using influencer marketing.

Create a Facebook group for your server

Creating a Facebook group is an efficient way to attract players since most of the players are using Facebook to find shopping offers, cheaper deals, and servers to play on. Facebook is the largest social media website, so finding Minecraft enthusiasts is very easy. 

When creating your Facebook group, make sure to use the server logo and name, so players can easily distinguish your group from others. Nonetheless, Facebook groups also have the feature to advertise, and it costs way less than any other option. 

In fact, for a few bucks, Facebook can promote your group to thousands of people by targeting age, gender, location, and much more. And the odds of attracting new players are fairly high.

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