Monetize your Minecraft Server

Effortlessly manage donations on your Minecraft server with Minelabz.

Mcraftia monetize your Minecraft server

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Seamlessly Create a Minecraft Donation Store

We make it simple to start monetizing your server on Minecraft by providing our very own self-hosted solution. With 2000+ websites using our plugin, we have made it available to accept all major currencies.

Seamlessly Create a Minecraft Donation Store

Why people love our donation plugin

Unlimited Payment Options

Forget about payment restrictions. We integrate our Minecraft donations plugin with Woocommerce. The payment provider for all payment methods.


Overcome the challenge of not being able to choose your own hosting provider. Our server donations plugin is meant to be self-hosted.


While some donation platforms come with bloated code and load slow, our Minecraft store plugin doesn't. We have invested in optimal results and speed.

Available for Cracked Servers

It's understandable that some servers prefer offline mode for many reasons. That's why we decided to host both online and offline mode servers.

No hidden fees

Any sale you make on our platform, will be yours to keep. We don't take fees, nor intend to. However, payment providers have included charges.

Untracked and Cookieless

We don't track actions, nor insert cookies in our plugin. All transactions, or cookies are handled by you, and Woocommerce, giving your privacy.

Get free Minecraft Server Templates

Grab free Minecraft server templates for your project. We offer exclusively built templates for WordPress & Elementor, that can help you start your donations faster. Nonetheless, our downloads also have a pre-built WordPress website, which can be installed. It includes free speed optimizations for websites hosted on Hostinger, built with LiteSpeed Cache.

Get Free Minecraft Server Template

We make server monetization easier

The perfect Minecraft donation plugin for monetizing both small and big servers. There are no limits as to how much you earn and what you get paid. We have customers all around the world, who are happily monetizing servers and earning with MineLabz.


Excellent 4.9 of 5 stars rating

Based on our lovely clients existing on TrustPilot

I am absolutely amazed with how the plugin works on my server. At first WordPress seemed very hard for...
Sophie Kihm
I firstly tested their MineMarket donations plugin and fell in love with it! Works great with the...
Rad. I
I love Mcraftia, they always have the best plugins. I had an issue with setting up the plugin and the owner...
Sibel Chetin
Great service provider for Minecraft Servers. I just purchased my plan, and it was a quick and easy setup...
K. Prodanov
I love their donation plugin, It's so easy to use. definitely recommend it!!!
Borislav Yankov
Absolutely amazing donation plugin! Best of all is that I can easily control everything around!!
Len Gerev

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