Best Minecraft Server Lists to Advertise Free

The 7 Best Minecraft Server Lists to Advertise Free

Are you searching for listing websites to add your Minecraft server on? We have conducted research and found the best server lists like Minecraft Buzz, which you can promote for free.

What are Minecraft server lists?

Minecraft server lists are platforms where server owners can advertise their servers to players. Such lists provide a place to advertise servers by showcasing their ranking, player count, plugins, game modes, and other unique features. Server lists also offer voting for players to vote for their favorite servers. 

By utilizing any of these given points, each server gets assigned a ranking in a certain category. For example, Hypixel ranks as the server with the highest player count, but if it doesn’t have votes, it cannot get a vote ranking. This option gives an opportunity to smaller server owners to start using votes and advertise themselves on a Minecraft server list.

Another great thing about server lists is the option to pay for advertisements. While it’s not a very common thing, some listing websites do give this option, and it comes at an affordable price.

For example, some servers use a bidding system, allowing only a certain amount of people to display advertisements. Others can sell you their website space for fixed amounts, giving you an opening to reserve the space and advertise at much lower costs.

Best Minecraft Server Lists

Minecraft Buzz

MinecraftBuzz Best Minecraft Server Lists

Minecraft Buzz is one of the most popular server listing websites for game servers. They are unique and have an easy-to-use navigation, that helps players easily choose what type of server or version they need. As they are one of the greatest choices for listing your Minecraft server, you will need to get a decent amount of votes. For server owners who are looking to pay for advertisements, there is currently no option, making the website less attractive.

TopG Org

TopG Org Best Minecraft Server List

TopG Org is the biggest private server listing website in the world. It has gathered millions of users, and operates in many languages, to support the private gaming industry. On top of that, it features 5 different games and many more server types per game. For Minecraft server owners it can be a great choice if your server brings a huge amount of votes. On the other hand, advertisements are also available and come at cheaper prices. The pricing for a server varies, but getting a top spot for your server is guaranteed.

The only downside of using TopG Org is that filters are limited to a few, which disrupts choosing the perfect server.

Minecraft Menu

Minecraft Menu Best Minecraft Server List

Minecraft Menu is a design-driven server listing site. Its simple design offers a seamless user experience and helps thousands of users every month to find their perfect Minecraft server. Using their category finder can help you search for your favorite Minecraft server types, or even discover new opportunities.

The server chooses its top contenders on a voting basis but offers a very sneaky way to get your server seen. By getting players to leave reviews on your server, the chances of attracting more players are highly increased.

In terms of advertising, the Minecraft Menu team has not yet added the function but offers partnership deals upon contact.

Minecraft Server Net

Minecraft Server Net What are the best Minecraft server lists

Minecraft Server Net is another great site to advertise your server and get more attention. It is a hub for advertisements, and also a great place to list your server for getting exposure. While the server list doesn’t have specific categories listed, you can always navigate through their tags system.

On top of that, you can advertise servers for a flat price, or even set up a sponsored ad, which starts from $100.


Mine Hut Best Server Lists for Minecraft

Minehut is one of the oldest server-listing websites, which offers the largest variety of server categories. It is a unique place to list your server and get exposure, due to no requirements of having high vote counts or paying money. In fact, Minehut is one of the few sites that does not accept advertisements and promotes each server individually.


Crafty GG Best Place To Add Your Minecraft Server

Crafty is an all-in-one solution for both advertisers and creators. It is a unique Minecraft server collection website, where server owners can advertise, and learn from the Crafty blog. The Crafty GG website offers a special advertisement feature, where for a fixed price, other players can promote servers, and get maximum exposure.

Minecraft Topzone

MinecraftTopZone Best Minecraft Server List for Advertising

Minecraft Topzone is a free Minecraft server listing website, which offers both free and premium advertisements. It’s a helpful resource for server owners, where they can utilize server tools, or get their servers promoted.

Signing up for Minecraft Topzone also gives newly registered users to receive an ad credit of $20 for signing up. Credit can be used for advertising services, and getting your server exposed to the active playerbase.

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