Minecraft Server RAM Calculator

The best Minecraft server RAM calculator, that estimates how much RAM your server requires to work without crashing, based on players, plugins, and world size. 

How to use our Minecraft RAM calculator

To start calculating how much RAM your server will need, choose between the plugins you wish to add, and adjust the player count. If you require more precise estimates, you can also tweak the word count. It is an important metric, that helps server owners to shrink, or grow worlds, for players on the server.

Each plugin uses a different amount of RAM, so we calculated the average spending.

Currently, we have added 600+ plugins. If you want us to analyze and add any Minecraft plugins, please submit this form, and we will add your plugin with priority.

How much RAM do I need for a Minecraft server?

Based on the individual needs, Minecraft servers require at least 2GB of RAM for versions under 1.12. Newer versions require at least 4GB of RAM assigned. With these statistics set, we have outlined the specifications you need to know for creating a Minecraft server.

Ram Required









Player Slots

Up to 20

Up to 30

Up to 40

Up to 60

Up to 150

Up to 200

Up to 300

Up to 500+

World Size

Up to 8GB

Up to 10GB

Up to 15GB

Up to 20GB

Up to 30GB

Up to 60GB

Up to 100GB











CPU Price









Frequently Asked Questions by Minecraft Server Owners

Why is my Minecraft server crashing?

Minecraft servers often crash due to low amounts of RAM being allocated to the server jar file. If you are using Windows to host your Minecraft server, reserve at least 4GB of RAM for the server, and keep at least 4GB of RAM for your computer to avoid crashes..

As Windows is resource-intensive, you should not allocate all of your RAM to your server. If you wish to allocate more RAM to your server, use a different OS such as Linux. It requires only 512MB of RAM to keep your system running smoothly.

Does a Minecraft server need a CPU?

Minecraft servers require a CPU to be installed to operate. A single-threaded CPU from the Intel Celeron brand could handle plenty of player traffic, as it is designed for such purposes. And since Minecraft doesn’t use multi-threaded CPUs, you can easily invest in almost any budget CPU, rather than buying a gaming one.

Can my computer run a Minecraft server?

Any computer can run a Minecraft server, even the older ones. Our Minecraft server RAM calculator estimates how many players it can upkeep based on the number of players, plugins chosen to run, and world size.

Why is my Minecraft server laggy?

Many Minecraft servers have lag issues. The most basic issues that cause server lag are lag machines, too many player interactions, low amounts of RAM allocated, or an unoptimized Minecraft server.

Our RAM calculator aims to help you allocate enough precious resources to avoid lag. If your lag persists, and tick rates continuously drop, consider optimizing your server.

A great start would be moving to the Paper JAR, and using Aikar’s Flags for a smoother server experience. 

Is 1 GB of RAM good for a Minecraft server?

If you are playing older versions of Minecraft like 1.12 and below, 1GB of RAM is good for a server. However, versions 1.13 and above require at least 4GB to power up and use your server. 

Is 4GB RAM enough for a modded Minecraft server?

Modded Minecraft servers require more RAM than those using plugins. Using 4GB of RAM to run mods could keep your server playable. It strictly depends on what mods you wish to install, and the number of players connected at the same time. 

The recommended starting RAM is between 4 and 6GB to keep your server in good health.


While these calculations may not be precise, we have added the average amount of RAM required for servers to function properly. Our calculations are based on an average spent amount per server.