Minecraft Donations Plugin for WordPress

Minecraft donation plugin for server monetization with no fees and hidden taxes. Seamlessly integrate with your favorite Woocommerce plugins, with beginner-friendly setups.

Minecraft Donations Plugin for WordPress

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Minecraft Donations Plugin Features

Have you ever wanted to have a donations tool for your Minecraft server that is hosted on WordPress, and looks like Tebex? We fully understand the concept and the requirements for such a unique feature. In fact, it can save you hundreds of dollars in templates, cost you less, and don’t take any fees per sale. You get 100% of your money (taxes from services like PayPall, Skrill, etc. apply).

Minecraft Donations Plugin Features
MineLabz donations vs The rest

The Best Donation Tool for Affiliate Programs

Compared to alternatives, MineLabz comes at a fraction of the cost. Our monetization plugin comes at a fixed price and has no advertisements or watermarks to distort your website. You can advertise our tool, and earn comissions on monthly sales!

Get Free Minecraft Server Template

Free Minecraft Server Templates for Donations

Rather than spending hundreds of dollars, or using templates that look the same, we created special ones and gave them away for free. You can get a Minecraft server template, and create your Minecraft server’s donation store. We have awesome templates, created with Elementor. And if you can’t handle optimizing your website, we’ve got you covered. We have premade websites that include all the plugins you will ever need.

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Our Minecraft donations plugin for WordPress is a one-stop solution, which provides your users with an interactive payment gateway, by utilizing 200+ payment processors. You can easily capture payments by using PayPal, Skrill, Woocommerce payments, and much more. On top of that, we offer premium support, and support cracked Minecraft servers.

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Benefits of using our Minecraft donations plugin for WordPress

Self-hosted Minecraft donation store

Our Minecraft donation store is built to work with WordPress. This means there are no limits. With that said, you can make changes freely without overpaying.

Accepts 100+ payment methods worldwide

Using our plugin grants you over 100 payment methods, as it is integrated with Woocommerce. It is known as the largest platform, used by millions of shops all over the world.

Easy to scale plans with unlimited options

We don’t like multiple plans with upgrades. That’s why we offer 2 simple plans with add-ons, where you can choose to switch between multiple versions, hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Minecraft donation plugin

You can create unlimited donator ranks for your Minecraft server as products, and sell them through our plugin. 

Yes, our Minecraft donation plugin is integrated to work with both premium (online), and cracked (offline) servers. 

The Minecraft donation plugin gets directly hooked to Woocommerce, allowing it to sell Minecraft donor ranks and perks. Once a player purchases a product, the server will issue the command to the player.

We accept major payment methods such as PayPal and Credit/Debit cards.

No, you don’t need to have any programming knowledge to use plugin. You only need to set it up, and that’s all.

For bulk licenses you will need to contact us with more details on the number of licenses needed.

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I love Mcraftia, they always have the best plugins. I had an issue with setting up the plugin and the owner...
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Great service provider for Minecraft Servers. I just purchased my plan, and it was a quick and easy setup...
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I love their donation plugin, It's so easy to use. definitely recommend it!!!
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Absolutely amazing donation plugin! Best of all is that I can easily control everything around!!
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