Best Minecraft Subreddits to Promote Servers

Best Minecraft Subreddits to Promote Servers

Would you like to advertise your Minecraft server on Reddit, but can’t find good places to promote it?

We have outlined the best Minecraft subreddits and found that r/MinecraftBuddies, r/MCServers, r/Admincraft, r/MinecraftServer, and r/realms.

What are Minecraft subreddits?

Have you heard of Reddit, where communities can be created? Minecraft subreddits follow the same pattern and follow the theme of the famous sandbox multiplayer game. There are hundreds of subreddits surrounding Minecraft, and you can find a community for all kinds of content.

While the official subreddit is known as r/Minecraft, there a many more, that are operated by non-developer users, like YouTubers, plugin developers, mod creators, and even meme lovers.

Best Subreddits for Minecraft server promotion


MinecraftBuddies is the friendliest subreddit in the whole Minecraft world. It is a special community, where all kinds of players gather to share feedback, or even seek players for playing on servers.

It is a non-Mojang moderated community Reddit, which allows advertising your server, however, posting promotional content should be kept at a minimum. 

MinecraftBuddies has over 116,000 members, which are always looking to find a buddy, or a good server to play on. Whenever you want to advertise, make sure to post once every 7 days, or you could get removed.


MCServers is a server promotion dedicated subreddit, where owners can advertise their server freely. MCServers is a very large community of both players and server owners, which grows rapidly. Currently, it holds more than 140,000 members and is kept professionally.

Any server owner can advertise his server once a week but is required to add proper tags and have an “online mode” server. Any cracked (offline mode) servers will be removed, so ensure you are compliant before posting.


MinecraftServer is another promotion-dedicated community for those looking to advertise their Minecraft servers. While this special subreddit has only 54,000 members, it is one of the best to get players quickly. The mods are understanding, and allow Reddit users to post once every 24 hours, making server promotions quicker.

Server owners can also use image content to advertise servers, which makes it easier to promote and get more eyeballs on the content.

Every day you can find hundreds of newly added servers, which offer you great benefits of joining, especially, rewards for new players.


Realms is the fastest and most efficient place to advertise your Minecraft realm. It is a dedicated subreddit, where owners of realms gather, and seek new friendly players.

While it only has 69,000 users, it is one of the greatest places to get friendly non-griefing players, and even start a small community with them. 

The only downside of using r/realms is that you need to add your realm in a dedicated thread, and you cannot go outside of it. 


Admincraft is one of the largest communities where server owners, developers, and regular players gather to discuss the development of servers. While it may not be the greatest community to actively promote servers, it is a great subreddit to find new players.

Admincraft consists of a community with 130,000 users, which are always welcoming, and getting banned there is pretty rare. However, if you want to promote a server on Admincraft, you will need to use a strategy.

Try to create a post where you seek information about certain features, and provide your server as an example. Many players who seek new servers are likely to come, and you are bound to get more traffic without trying hard.

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