33 Donator Rewards Ideas to Give on Your Minecraft Server

Have you ever wanted to create a Minecraft server that makes you money, but are not sure what items you can give to donors? We have compelled a very EULA-friendly donation list for items that can make your players happier.

Are Server Donations Illegal

Server donations are not illegal on Minecraft, however, players have to abide by the Mojang EULA to ensure that donation perks do not make paying players more overpowered. There are a few types of donations that could be considered illegal, and those are perks or commands that give in-game advantages over non-donating players.

For example, commands that give PvP advantage, like adding more enchantments, or the use of such, which the average player cannot use. Another great example is restricting the average player from obtaining such items without having to pay. Overall, the Mojang EULA wants to ensure that users who don’t donate on a server, will not be left behind.

What can you give to donators?


Invsee – Ability to see other player’s character inventory

Fly – The option to fly across the map. 

Teleport – Easily teleport to certain locations or other players without timers.

AFK (Away From Keyboard) – Being AFK without getting kicked by the server to free slots.

Repair – Repair items for free.


Hats – Place any item or block as a hat. 

Pets – Have in-game pets following you.

Costumes – Change the looks of your character’s armor.

Custom Skins – Change your skin to any available skin in Minecraft.

Trails – Leave a trail behind your character.

Effects – Sparklink effects around your character.

Wings – Special in-game wings that make you look better.

Particles – Vanilla or plugin-designed particles that float around you.

Emotes – Send special emotes in chat or display them.


Basic tools – The Vanilla Minecraft tools.

Vanilla-enchanted tools and weapons – Basic enchants existing in the Vanilla game.

Building materials and minerals – Wood, Stone, Diamonds, and other materials, which are not hard to acquire.

Tradeable in-game currencies – Special currencies designed by the server.


Private warps – Places where only premium players can enter.

Access to buildings – Houses, or other buildings for donators.

Access to custom areas – Special map areas, can be accessed after a purchase on the server has been made.

Access to special event areas – Limited time areas that premium players can access.

Loot boxes

Crate keys – Keys used to open loot boxes and acquire special rewards.

Openable boxes – Boxes that can be purchased and opened without requiring a key.


Extra homes – Use the /sethome ability multiple times.

More land space – Claim or protect more land (achievable with plugins).

Ranks – Get a special in-game rank that looks good.

Nick – Set any nickname in-game with colors.

Prefixes – Special tags or texts that make you look cooler.

Chat colors – Use color variations or effects when typing in the chat.

VIP slots – The ability to access the server even when it is full.

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