Minecraft Server Name Generator

Choose the ultimate name with our Minecraft server name generator. Pick a server genre and let our server name creator do the rest for you.

How does the Minecraft server name creator work?

The Minecraft server name generator can generate thousands of names by choosing a server genre, and hitting the “Generate Name” button. You can always use the “Random Genre” option if you are looking for random name inspirations. However, for genre-specific names, choose a specific type of server, and you will get your results.

What’s a good name for a server?

There are plenty of good Minecraft server names. While some may not be like Hypixel or Craftopia, you still have wonderful choices. With our Minecraft name generator, you can find professional server names.

What is an example of a Minecraft server name?

For example, Craftopians or Rubic Crafters are good Minecraft server names, which can be used for all kinds of servers. Bear in mind, that you can use dedicated or neutral names for your server.

What do I name my server?

Your Minecraft server name represents you and the server on a professional level. Especially when you want to¬†monetize your server, a good name may bring in more sales. Choosing any of our suggested names could bring in more players, but results cannot be promised. It is all up to you and your server’s idea.

Minecraft name generator disclaimer

Make sure other servers do not use any of the names you wish to use. While you may find a name attractive, it may already have been taken, which could result in legal issues. DYOR (Do Your Research) before investing in a name, as we cannot guarantee each name generated will be free forever.