How to change the Minecraft Server Difficulty

With a Minecraft server, you can change the server’s difficulty with 3 different methods. Using a console command, in-game chat command, or by changing the server properties files. These 3 methods require no extensive knowledge and can be reset at any time. 

How to Change the Difficulty of Your Minecraft Server

Console Command

You can use server console commands to change the difficulty of your server. This can be useful if you want to up the challenge for your players or if you want to make the game easier for newcomers. To change the difficulty of your server, you will need to have administrative privileges. Once you have the necessary permissions, you can open the console and type in the command “/difficulty [difficulty level]” to change the difficulty level.

The difficulty level can be set to “peaceful,” “easy,” “normal,” or “hard,” depending on your preferences. For example, if you want to change the difficulty to “hard,” you would type in “/difficulty hard” and press enter.

Keep in mind that changing the difficulty will affect all players on the server, so make sure to communicate with them beforehand. By using console commands, you can easily customize the gameplay experience on your Minecraft server to suit your preferences and the preferences of your players. 

In-Game Chat Command

Server owners can change the difficulty of their servers using an in-game chat command. By typing “/difficulty” followed by the desired difficulty level, players can instantly receive a new level of challenge on the server. For those looking for a more relaxed experience, peaceful mode can be a great option, while hard mode provides a tougher survival challenge.

This flexibility in difficulty settings adds an extra layer of control and immersion to the game, allowing players to adapt the game to their skill level. 

Changing Difficulty with

To change the difficulty of a Minecraft server, you’ll need to have admin access to the server. Once you have access, you can change the difficulty setting by editing the server’s configuration files. These files can be accessed through the server’s control panel or FTP. Find the “” file, which contains all server settings, including the difficulty level. Open the file and find the line “difficulty=” followed by a number.

The number is the difficulty level. Starting with 0 being Peaceful, 1 being Easy, 2 being Normal, and 3 being Hard. Changing the difficulty level will require a restart of the servers, so the changes can have an impact.

How to check Minecraft server difficulty

To check the difficulty of a Minecraft server, you can simply join the server and press the “Esc” key to bring up the game menu.

From there, click on the “Options” button and then select “Difficulty” from the list of options. This will display the current difficulty setting of the server, which could be peaceful, easy, normal, or hard.

If you are the server owner or have access to the server files, you can also check the difficulty setting by navigating to the server properties file and looking for the “difficulty” line.

The difficulty setting determines the level of challenge and danger in the game, affecting factors such as mob spawning rates and damage dealt by mobs. It’s important to verify the server’s difficulty before you start playing, especially if you’re looking for a specific level of challenge. 

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