6 Best Places to Buy a Minecraft Server Logo

Do you want to start a professional Minecraft server? One of the things every professional server has is a logo and server icon. Just like Hypixel, ManaCube, and many other professional servers, yours requires a server logo and icon to look genuine.

We researched over 100 service providers and found the 6 most affordable and professional Minecraft logo and icon designers you can try now. Our research shows that websites like BuiltByBit, ReadyArtShop, and Dribbble are most preferred for buying a Minecraft server logo.

Best Minecraft server logo providers


ReadyArtShop Buy Minecraft Server Logo

ReadyArtShop is a Minecraft dedicated logo and icons provider, which any Minecraft server can use. You can find anything from a logo for servers, to a special bundle, giving you a variety of icons for your Minecraft webstore. The logo graphics are created with Photoshop, and other image editing software, making your future logo look more realistic.

The ReadyArtShop prices start from $6.99, making it fairly affordable for server starters. If you want to grab something better like a bundle, you can get their ultimate project startup package, which is priced at $21.99. It includes everything you need to start a server and make it look professional.

If you don’t care about sharing the same logos and template design as other players, this is the perfect place to shop.


BuiltByBit Best Place to buy Minecraft Server Icons

BuiltByBit is one of the greatest Minecraft marketplaces, from which you can find anything about servers, and software. It’s a freelancer marketplace, where hundreds of developers, graphic designers, and other types of workers can offer you great solutions at a cheap price.

The BuiltByBit logo designs have been seen at prices of $7.50 per logo, and much less for server banners, flyers, etc.

You can also score a great bundle deal by speaking with the freelancer, and get the best deal at the lowest price.

Woodpunch’s Graphics

WoodPunchs Graphics Best Minecraft Server Logo

WoodPunchs Graphics is a great Minecraft-dedicated graphic creation marketplace, that also provides other gaming logo solutions. If you are looking for cheap and shared logo solutions for your game server, Woodpunch can help you.

They offer the cheapest logo designs for $2 per logo and go up to $5 per each if you want something customizable. The WoodPunch cheaper logos are more like icons, and cannot be customized, however, they are high quality and can be used for server networks.


Behance Buy Minecraft Server Icon

Behance is more of a general marketplace for logo creators, website designers, and custom graphic creators. It’s the top spot when it comes to ordering custom projects. While the past solutions came dirty cheap, Behance is more of a midrange-priced market, as it costs more.

By working with a freelancer from Behance, you will get custom offers, but on the bright side, everything you get is fully yours (including the license to own your project).

The prices on Behance start at $10 per logo design, but can go a lot more, depending on the complexity of your project.

Buy Minecraft Server Logo from Fiverr


Dribbble Buy Minecraft Icons

Dribble is the 2nd largest marketplace for graphical designers. It offers a wide variety of services. You can find many Minecraft logo designs and even icons for your webstore. The offers on Dribbble start from $10 per custom logo, but could grow to $100 depending on how many features you want your logo to have.

Each design on Dribbble is created by a freelancer or a graphic design company, which can be contacted directly from the website.

By purchasing from Dribbble, you get your logo with full rights, meaning you own the illustration design fully.


Fiverr is the largest freelancer marketplace, followed by Upwork, where you can purchase literally anything. Not a very popular, but a highly professional feature Fiverr offers is the ability to get your own server logos. The sellers on Fiverr offer a wide variety of plans, starting from $5, and could go up to $50 for projects that could take more time.

A great feature of using Fiverr is the ability to communicate with freelancers before ordering, and using support for protection whenever you have issues with the freelancer.

The only downside of using Fiverr is the limited options for choosing your graphics designer, however, it is still a great choice if you want a custom logo design.

Websites to generate a free AI Minecraft logo for your server


99Designs is a custom logo Marketplace, where you can get any kind of 64×64 server can come to life. They have a dedicated team of logo designers, which will support you until your project has been finished.

They offer quality creative designs, that are finished on time, and can be redone upon request. The pricing of 99Designs is a bit higher for basic Minecraft servers, as it starts from $299, but you get a professional studio, that promises to deliver results.

On the other hand, you can use 99Design’s free logo generator, and pay only a small fee. The logo maker they use will take any of their projects, and help you customize it to your liking. It gives you the ability to change the colors, add names, and other small tweaks.


Craiyon Generate a Minecraft Logo

Craiyon is one of the great AI logo makers for any concept, including Minecraft projects. It features a well-trained AI to work with prompts and create images based on them. It can be used for free when creating server logo images, or even subscribe for $5 a month, and generate unlimited images per day. 


PlaceIt Generate a Minecraft Server Icon

PlaceIt is by far the easiest-to-use Minecraft logo maker, which uses AI to help you with logo designs. It is also very cheap and gives you unlimited downloads for a cheap subscription. Starting at $3.99, you can easily edit and create logos on the run for a single server, or a network of Minecraft servers.

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