Top 5 Websites to Buy a Minecraft Server Cheap

Have you ever wanted to make money from selling Minecraft servers? We have found the top 5 websites, where you can sell and make money from Minecraft servers.

Our top picks for selling game servers are PlayerUp, BuiltByBit, Spigot, PlayerAuctions, and G2G. Along with these picks, we will show other profitable websites, and how you can find them.

Best websites to buy and sell Minecraft Servers


Buy Minecraft Servers from PlayerUp

PlayerUp is one of the largest websites for buying and selling accounts, and Minecraft servers. There are more than half a million offers in existence, and players can safely make transactions without getting scammed.

When using PlayerUp, users are protected by applying for middleman services and can protect their purchases from fraudulent activity. If you opt for middleman for purchases, you can review the server and test it, to make sure it’s genuine.

As a downside PlayerUp is a general marketplace, and finding servers may not be the best. However, it is the safest and has great servers to offer.


Buy Minecraft Servers from BuiltByBit

BuiltByBit is a marketplace, which was previously known as MC-Market. It is yet another marketplace, which lets you buy and sell Minecraft servers. Selling can happen both through auctions or direct buying. 

It is also an MC dedicated platform, which offers a wide variety of server files, plugins, mods, and even services for server owners. You can find all the resources needed to establish a good player base, and even get an established server with decent income.

The only downside of using BuiltByBit is that it is a bit overcrowded, so finding the ideal server could take you some time. Nonetheless, BuiltByBit offers a great forum, which could teach you everything there is to Minecraft, and how to handle issues.


Buy Minecraft Servers from Spigot

Spigot is the all-in-one marketplace dedicated to Minecraft. You can find anything from custom plugins to helpful resources. While it started as a server creation jar file, it quickly evolved into a bigger project, receiving many sponsorships. A great use for Spigot is the free and paid resources, which help you build, and even grow your server.

There are thousands of users, who can guide you through the setups, advertisements, and even bug-fixing while developing.

When it comes to purchasing a ready-made server, you can’t directly buy from there. Except, if you want a setup, which can be grown from the ground.


Buy Minecraft Servers from PlayerAuctions

PlayerAuctions is yet another great marketplace just like PlayerUp. People sell thousands of items, including Minecraft servers, which have an active player base and monetization set. You can easily tackle the middleman services, and get a dedicated person, who will guide and protect you through the whole process.

However, PlayerAuctions has much fewer dedicated server sellers, since the website mainly deals with account selling and bidding. 

Planet Minecraft

Buy Minecraft Servers from PlanetMinecraft

Planet Minecraft is a forum dedicated to Minecraft and everything related to it. It’s a great place to advertise, showcase projects, and especially find profitable Minecraft servers to purchase. It features a wide variety of forums, where sellers are looking for potential buyers, to sell running Minecraft servers.

The process is very simple, but the downside is that you cannot get middleman services and protect your purchase. Since Planet Minecraft acts like a hub for Minecraft-related topics, and projects, they are not a marketplace and do not deal with buying or selling services.

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