The Most Profitable Minecraft Servers and Their Income

Have you ever wanted to find out which Minecraft servers are most profitable? We’ve made our statistics and found out that Hypixel, PurplePrison, Vanilla Europa, and HylexMC.

We tracked the average product price, and player donations, to come up with the precise amount of money each network generates per month. If you want to create a Minecraft server that earns, you can do the same by purchasing our donations plugin.

How do Minecraft servers make money?

Many people wonder how Minecraft servers make money despite the game itself being so cheap to play. 

The best way to do this is by charging players for access to premium features or additional content. For example, some servers offer purchasable in-game items, cosmetic upgrades, or even exclusive game modes for a fee. This can generate a steady revenue stream for the server owners. And this is a model for many server owners, which is EULA compliant, and benefits players by receiving cosmetic items. 

To start collecting donations and rewarding with cosmetics, server owners sign up for Minecraft donation tools. With their help, server owners can charge players and offer in-game perks in exchange.

The most Profitable Minecraft servers?


Hypixel Most Profitable Minecraft Servers

As you may know, Hypixel is the largest and most profitable Minecraft server in the world. With an average player count of 42,000 players, Hypixel has been averaging $3,100,000 per month in sales only. Without counting the fact that Hypixel receives sponsorships often, and hosts events for its players, from which they earn, it is still the largest profitable server ever. Per year, Hypixel earns $37,200,000 in donations only, without the need to have a p2w game mechanic or accept cracked players. 

Hypixel is featured as a premium-only server, and still receives 67,000 players at its peaks on weekdays, and more on the weekends.


ManaCube Most Profitable Minecraft Servers

ManaCube is one of the least populated, but the second highest-paid servers to ever exist in Minecraft. On average, the server has managed to receive $41,400 per month, making it $496,800 per year. Despite its smaller player base and no cracked launcher support, Manacube has managed to accumulate high amounts of donations effortlessly.

Nonetheless, the average player base in ManaCube has been estimated to be 840 players, from which a whopping 30% spend money on donations on a frequent basis.

Purple Prison

PurplePrison Most Profitable Servers on Minecraft

Purple Prison is one of the highest-paid Minecraft servers, which earns large amounts of money per month. On average the monthly donations reach $37,300. With that amount, Purple Prison makes at least $447,600 per year, without having to post any new updates. However, this server is large due to its player count, which could reach a thousand. On top of that, it’s one of the few servers with whales, which have no issue spending thousands on in-game perks.

Purity Vanilla

Purity Vanilla Profitable Minecraft Server

Purity Vanilla is one of the high-end paid servers, which makes a whopping amount of $3600 per year, for a nonp2w server. With that price in mind, the server makes roughly $43,000 yearly, by sustanding their average selling counts. While the server offers only cosmetic items, its profit is justified, however, they are running a cracked Minecraft server.

And on average, Purity Vanilla has 40 to 70 players per day, making it one of the smallest, but highest-earning servers in Minecraft.


HylexMC Most Profitable Servers on Minecraft

HylexMC is the smallest in terms of earnings for Minecraft servers. While it offers connections for both premium and cracked users, its shopping experience is not very high. On average HylexMC earns $1800 per month, making it around $21,600 per year, from donator purchases. These purchases include crate keys and cosmetics, which are very favorable for their player base. 

HylexMC is also a server with a decent player base, reaching between 200 to 350 daily average players, and continues growing through their new updates/

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